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Labour Market Information: Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Durham

Career Videos

  • 21st Century Careers in the North East

    21st Century Careers in the North East

    An introduction to 21st Century Careers.

  • Advanced Manufacturing

    Advanced Manufacturing

    Apprenticeships, Design, Scientists, Engineers, Technicians.

  • Design


    Industrial, Interior, Fashion, Graphic, Products, Architecture, Computer Gaming.

  • Engineering Construction

    Engineering Construction

    Site Management, Engineering, Technicians, Safety, Apprenticeships, Project Management, Resource Management, Welding.

  • Healthcare Scientists

    Health Care Sciences

    Pharmacists, Microbiologists, Pathology, Physiotherapists, Laboratory Assistants, Biochemists, Paramedics, Dieticians.

  • IT and Digital Media

    IT and Digital Media

    Computer/Software Engineers, Sales and Marketing, Games Developers, Operators, Web Designers, Support Technicians, Administration, Analysts.

  • Life Sciences

    Life Sciences

    Marine Biologists, Bio-Engineers, Business Development, Scientists, Data Managers, Technicians, Computer Managers, Oceanographers, Clinical Engineers, Environmental Scientists.

  • Processing Industries

    Process Industries

    Process Operators, Apprenticeships, Site Management, Operations Managers, Technicians, Engineers, Laboratory Analysts.

  • Renewables

    Renewable Energy

    Engineers, Health and Safety, Electronics, Offshore Specialists, Wind Turbine Operators, Construction Managers, Project Management, Environmental Specialists, Installation, Legal Advisers, Service and Maintenance.